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Training & Courses

Training, Courses & Seminars

Dr. Janet Galipo is a world renowned international BodyTalk System instructor.

In the last 2 years, Janet has focused on developing a holistic health curriculum for working therapists. It is based on a “Barefoot Doctors” program model and teaches acu-points, herbal medicine and other health information relevant to today.

Janet teaches Fundamentals and Advanced BodyTalk modules, and BodyTalk Advanced Integration Courses.

Along with her colleague, Dr. Nancy Werner, she has also developed:

  • San Baio
  • Three Treasures
  • Acu-point training
  • All available worldwide per demand.

    Here you can find a list of current available Training, Courses, Events and Body Talk Seminars and Lectures.


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    Herbalist & Alchemist interviews Dr. Janet Galipo, AP, DOM, 2 Be Healthy Inc. in Miami, Florida.
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