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Windows to the Sky

Window to the Sky Points

About two or three months ago, in my regular therapeutic sessions, I kept getting priorities to work on client’s neck area.

There are a lot of important anatomical structures in the neck area including the thyroid and the parathyroid, lymph glands, the throat and the sternocleidomastoid muscles and some of the other neck muscles, including flexors and extensors, and also, the vagus nerve which passes through the neck area.

Anatomy of human muscles

Anatomy of human muscles

So I wondered why this location kept coming up during my sessions. It really didn’t seem related to any of the physical structures. Then I finally realized that this must correspond to acupuncture points. And there are a number of points in the neck that join the head to the trunk of the body that we call window to the sky points.

In Chinese Medicine, the window to the sky points have an esoteric meaning. Also, because they’re in the neck, they don’t get needled very often because you don’t want to pierce any essential structures too close to certain areas in the neck. For example, in order to regulate the earth element aspect of one of the important windows to the sky point, stomach 9, we’d have to needle right on the carotid artery!

And then we have other points that are also close to muscles or close to critical anatomical structures, and although we do learn them in acupuncture school, we just don’t needle them very much.

In BodyTalk and other energy modalities, we have an advantage because we are able to use these points in our formulas without actually needling them. And I think that that’s one of the reasons why they suddenly started coming up in sessions, because we’re able to work with them energetically.

There are a lot of different energetic meanings to these points. Some include treating an excess at one end of the channel and a deficiency at another. For example, there can be excess conditions such as strong headaches, migraine headaches or eye pain or even something like a nosebleed or high blood pressure which is an excess condition affecting the head. Many times this will be accompanied by a deficiency condition affecting the body or the trunk and vice versa.

The idea is that by needling these points, you’re equalizing the upper and lower halves of the body specifically equalizing the qi flow or energy flow between the head and the trunk.
The windows to the sky points got their name because the idea is that we’re able to see something through these points.

A lot of times, people who are either physically, mentally or emotionally ill actually lose their ability to see. We’re not saying that they go blind necessarily, although that can be a part of it, but they actually can’t see with subtle sense of sight, their mental or spiritual eyes, what’s really going on with themselves or in the relationship between themselves and the outside world.

In a way, it’s like they’re imprisoned by whatever imbalances are affecting them and they’ve become ex-communicated from life. They’re not in the flow of life and they can’t really see what’s happening around them.
By treating a window of the sky point, you’re breaking a hole in this block. The metaphor in Chinese medicine is that it lets in fresh air. It lets in light. Once the patient can see the sky, actually see the outside world, then that can be an impetus for them to break down whatever barriers they have to inner understanding or an authenticity between themselves and the world at large.

This is a course preview for San Baio 2 coming in early 2017. Stay tuned for more details.


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