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The BodyTalk System represents a new treatment paradigm

  1. BodyTalk Protocol: BodyTalk utilizes a highly-structured priority-based system in order to determine what will be addressed as well as the correct sequencing to arrive at a specific and individualized treatment. The treatment protocol uses a method of neuromuscular biofeedback together with an integrative map of the bodymind (a term used to represent a holistic view of the physical body, the energetic body of electromagnetic frequencies, the emotions, consciousness, belief systems, thought patterns of the individual). This map encompasses the latest scientific understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body; the 5 Element and meridian theories of Chinese medicine; perspectives from Ayurvedic medicine; strategies to identify and neutralize: infections, allergies, toxicities, environmental stressors, emotionally charged memories from the patient’s past history, and limiting belief systems, among other things.
  2. Activation of the body’s natural healing process: A key aspect of the BodyTalk System is that information is transferred through a “thought field” (defined below) process and this information serves as a catalyst for the body’s natural process of repair and healing.
    This statement relies on the consideration of three fundamental principles/paradigms, namely:
  • The human body is a community of 50 trillion cells, and over two hundred distinct types of differentiated and stem cells, with an incredible complexity of communication pathways and synchronization processes. There is an innate intelligence operating within the body that is the organizing principle of homeostasis and balance in this vast community of cells. (Palmer, Keating, Veltheim, Lipton)
  • The concept of “energetic fields” within science has become a force to be reckoned with and is now becoming part of biological and psychological thinking. (Faraday, Maxwell, Szent-Gyorgyi, Oschman, Lipton, Lanza/Berman)
Although some evidence-based studies make claims to the contrary, it is now widely accepted that therapeutic energy-based systems such as Acupuncture (National Institutes of Health, National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, World Health Organization, American Pain Society) and Reiki (NCCAM Backgrounder, International Center for Reiki Training, Veltheim) are believed to affect healing within the patient.
Like these, the BodyTalk system is hypothesized to work by optimization of energetic circuits and communication pathways, shifting the nervous system out of a sympathetic or “fight or flight” mode, into a parasympathetic or regenerative mode, where the body can heal. However, with new understanding coming from the field of quantum mechanics, there has been a re-conceptualization of how the techniques of the BodyTalk System actually create the healing results reported by patients.
Research into theoretical physics and the relationship between physics and biology have helped us to understand that the behavior of all energy and particles are inextricably linked to the presence of an observer. (Heisenberg, Phillips, Lanza/Berman) Without the presence of a conscious observer, everything exists as only a probability. Without consciousness, matter dwells in an undetermined state of probability. (Lanza/Berman)
BodyTalk identifies itself as consciousness-based healthcare through its interaction with the patient’s consciousness as well as through its understanding of the role of the practitioner as observer during the implementation process. In this way, a patient can be viewed as a multitude of different energetic configurations or quantum probabilities, existing now in their highest probability state, perhaps with a specific health issue such as a stomach ulcer. The BodyTalk treatment can then be viewed as an “observation” of an alternative probability of an improved state of health, without the ulcer, in this example.
The growing convergence of physics and biology have provided the substrata for the shift in understanding of the role of the practitioner/client in a healing relationship. It has allowed us to move beyond the idea that improving health merely involves finding symptoms and attempting to relieve these symptoms, into an infinite field of possibilities within the concept of healing.

3.  Biophysical basis: The BodyTalk implementation technique activates the healing observations of the practitioner. This process is hypothesized to work at the biophysical level through compression of the connective tissue, a liquid crystal structure at the molecular level, leading to transmission of a piezo-electric field of information throughout the body via the energetically linked array of the connective tissue (Oschmann).


“Thoughts, emotions, habit patterns, and information are contained within (electromagnetic) fields which can be changed or influenced.”
– (Goodheart, Callahan, Diamond, Diepold)

BodyTalk and Pain

The BodyTalk system provides fast, effective pain relief in two ways. The first of these is a quick-acting technique, “fast aid”, that centers on balancing the brain, taking the brain out of shock and sympathetic stress mode, and then focusing the brain on the part of the body that requires immediate attention, such as an area of pain or injury. In cases of severe pain, this technique can be repeated regularly, as a preset “program”, as often as necessary, to provide consistent pain relief. The second approach of providing lasting pain relief is to use the complete BodyTalk protocol to determine the specific causative factors behind the pain. Very often, the causative factors seem totally unrelated to the patient’s condition yet, addressing them energetically can result in significant symptom reduction.

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