Herbal Medicine

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Herbal Medicine is still the first choice in many cultures, being successfully used for thousands of years, and growing greater each day!

Herbs contain a large number of naturally occurring chemicals that have biological activity and compounds from plants that are used to treat a variety of health conditions without the danger of the inherent side effects common in drug-based medication.

As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Dr. Janet Galipo incorporates Chinese herbs and botanicals into her every day practice.

Herbalism does however support holistic treatment, with prevention of disease being as important as the treatment of a particular illness.

Another benefit of choosing herbal medicines is that a profound transformation in health can be achieved, without the danger of the inherent side effects common in drug-based medication.

The need for herbal medicine grows greater each day. If we think about what is in a plant, there is such a complex assortment of compounds to maintain and restore health. They include antibiotics, anti-fungals, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, etc. etc. Plant medicine is the basis for at least half of the pharmaceutical drugs we use. The chemical compounds within the plant world are absolutely necessary for our human survival.

These days, many of our food sources are being questioned. A great deal of our food supply has decreased nutritional content due to current farming methods and transport methods. Organically raised or wild-crafted plants add rich sources of vitamins and trace minerals to our diet. They also help to reduce the effects of toxic exposure that comes from modern living Ð air, water, radiation exposure, and other environmental toxins

If you look at the chemical constituents found in a plant, it’s amazing. An adaptogenic herb such as nettle leaf or Schisandra contains hundreds of chemicals and it’s all within a single plant. Why not just pick the plant and use it? It’s perfect just as it is.