Matrix Dynamics Study Group

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Join Senior Instructor Janet Galipo for an in depth 360-degree on-line immersion study group on Matrix Dynamics.
Over the many years I have been teaching Module 9/Matrix-Dynamics, I’ve recognized that students can be very challenged by the course material. The concepts are so unique, so unlike anything else found in holistic practice and theory. Some students have monitored the class several times in an attempt to create a personal comfort zone to approach this very valuable work.
This study course is designed to demystify matrix dynamics, delve more deeply into the content of the course and to expand on the scope of use. There will be extensive practical application as well as a concentrated exploration of the concepts of individual, family and group matrix work. This study group is for students who have already taken Matrix-Dynamics at least once.
Course Outline
  • Working with Primary Matrixes – The Structure of Archetypes
  • Secondary and Fragmented Matrixes – What are they really?
  • Family Matrix – working with Family of Origin, Ancestral Family and Current family dynamics
  • Introduction to Complex Matrixes – Religion, Love and Money
  • Complex Matrix – Working with the natural world and man-made structures
  • Complex Matrix – How to work with the future
Pricing and Details
This course is self-paced and you will have access to each lesson as soon as you sign up. You will have life-time access to this course.