“Is not the action of nature like the stretching of a bow?
The high, it pulls down; the low, it lifts up;
It takes from what is in excess
In order to make good of what is deficient.
Who can take what they have in excess and offer it to others?”

The concept of Priority Based Remedies is adaptogenic in nature. Adaptogens were an early part of Chinese medicine which emphasized the prevention of illness and the general promotion of health. One of the unique features of both Chinese and Western Herbal medicine is that we can use plant-based botanicals to generally and greatly benefit the individual, not to specifically treat a disease. Herbal remedies that support the normal Qi function are called tonics. These tonics have been demonstrated to have a significant impact on the immune system including both the innate and adaptive immune systems of the body.

During the creation of Chinese medical theory, healthy immunity was viewed as a working combination of the Wei (guards) and the Ying (army camps). The guards worked with the qi or energy system of body, which is the lighting fast distribution system. The Ying, equally important, was the slower, substantial blood system.

Generally, tonic herbs are divided into categories.
Qi tonics have been found to have a very positive impact on the immune system. They help to restore energy and to build blood. There is a separate class of blood nourishing herbs which focus specifically on blood imbalances such as anemia and nutrient deficient blood.

Two other categories of tonic herbs, yin tonics and yang tonics are unique in both concept and application. Since yin and yang equate with the energetic kidney function, which is thought to impact the brain and endocrine system, these tonic herbs have a direct effect on the hypothalamus, pituitary and the adrenals. Yin tonics help to bring fluids into the tissues of the body and to balance hormonal levels. Yang tonics bring warmth and core energy into the major organs and may also nourish kidney essence, the root energy of the entire system.

After my return from a remote region in Nepal, I reflected on how much our current condition of imbalance and disease is brought on through exposure to the modern lifestyle. Cancer, prostate issues, obesity, diabetes, digestive system problems and other western diseases mostly do not exist in the Himalayas. Our world of toxins, contamination of air, water and food, electromagnetic pollution and stress have created a state of overwhelm in the body. As a result, the body’s natural ability to cleanse and regenerate is affected.

There is a subtle balance between removing toxins/draining the excess and supplementing the cells.The complications of life and of the human body indicate that there needs to be removal and support at the same time! Since the cellular processes are extremely complex, the task can be difficult. It is important to determine exactly what the body needs.

Priority Based remedies recognizes the unique nature of each individual. A customized remedy goes a long way to help maximize benefits and insure the remedy is targeting the area of the body, the associated meridian and indeed the very cells for which it is intended.