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Body Vivaxis Testimonial for misaligned retina
Body Vivaxis Testimonial for misaligned retina
Jen, California

Body Vivaxis Testimonial for misaligned retina and eye pain caused by an accident

Feeling pretty much pain-free
Feeling pretty much pain-free

Hi Janet,

I am feeling so much better since you worked on me! Thank you! It is extraordinary. In addition to feeling pretty much pain-free, I have lots more energy, and just feel more positive. Considering the tumultuous events of the past few days, I am amazed!

I would love to get the herbs from you. Please tell me what to do next. I would also like to book that follow-up session in six weeks.

I saw my Network chiropractor today, and he was really happy with the changes. He said that my nervous system was no longer in defense mode. He said that previously when he knocked and asked: "Anybody home?" the answer was, "Nope, nobody here." Now it is: "Sure! Come on in!"

I also did a Body Talk session today, and Matrixes came up. The client has a rotator cuff inflammation, and the four muscles associated with that came up as a fragmented matrix for repair. Bone came up as one of the tentacles, and with that 8th Chakra, with a definition of hereditary weakness. It is thrilling to take Body Talk courses, and have these priorities come up for balancing right away.

Anyway, thank you again, and I look forward to hearing from you. I hope your trip home was easy.

All the best...

BodyTalk acts really quick on children
BodyTalk acts really quick on children
Yvette Ardavin

The first time I came to BodyTalk I came cold, I had been on the website but didn’t really understand it.

Instead of just sending the children, I booked three sessions so all three of us could come, and the first experience was incredible, I could feel it. BodyTalk acts really quick on children, they are more relaxed and focused. Janet treats my whole family, and it has really brought us together, it’s just amazing.

I see it on our ride home; we live about an hour drive away and everybody is quiet, relaxed and happy. For the next couple of weeks, it just seems like everything flows better.
We all get along, we understand each other, we flow together. Bodytalk is really amazing and it works. I turn to Bodytalk before Advil! I would definitely recommend it to mothers. A lot of children are labelled ADD and ADHD these days, so before you give your child a pill, you should try BodyTalk.

Children can also learn some BodyTalk Access techniques that they can do it to themselves. Definitely try BodyTalk before you give medication to your child.
Really, we don’t use any prescriptions drugs for anything, we tap it out with BodyTalk.

Improving Chronic Conditions: Eyes
Improving Chronic Conditions: Eyes
Karen Trefzger

I came to Janet to help me deal with a childhood trauma that resulted in multiple corrective surgeries later in life. I had to have four surgeries in the last year, which didn't seem to correct the problem because my body would not heal, but instead rejected the corrective changes my doctor was trying to make, causing more problems. This had been the pattern with this issue for my entire life.

My doctor and I were bracing for anticipated problems surely to come after the last surgery when someone referred me to Janet to try a different approach to healing. Within two sessions, I noticed my body calmly accepting the corrective surgery which made it a success. My doctors were amazed and pleased I don't have to see them until my check up in 6 months. For me it was a miracle. We then went on to a completely unrelated physical problem (hormonal issue) that was resolved in one session. I don't know how it works, but it definitely works!!!

Assisting Teenagers in their Development
Assisting Teenagers in their Development
Jenine (Mother)

BodyTalk long distance sessions can be a great way to assist somewhat reluctant teens, as it feels really "safe" for them.  I wasn't sure if she would share what came up in the sessions with me, as I forwarded them to her directly and asked her for permission to listen to them, but she said yes each time. 

Each of the treatments seemed to resonate with her and so they also started to open her up to the idea of BodyTalk (especially when a respiratory infection came up as a priority when she had just became sick with one!).

And then, there was an open-hearted hug this evening. . .

I would love to have her treatments continue and so I'll soon sign her up for another set.

Much Love and Gratitude

Child Development: 3 Years old Child
Child Development: 3 Years old Child
Rosa Becerra

My three years old started to experience disfluency. We contacted the speech therapist. We had to rank his speech daily from 1(the Best) to 10 (worse). He will range between 5 and 6. When we took him to his first appointment,she said he was at 9. We were really surprised. The therapist said that he will require a few sessions and gave us pages of things to do. I told my husband this is not going to work. There has to be a breakdown of communication in our son's body. If we fix that breakdown, he will be back to normal. We took him to Janet. She did a BodyTalk session.Janet said that it may take a few sessions. We noticed that afternoon that his level of disfluency started to go down from a 9 to a 4. After two weeks, we took him back to speech therapist and she said OMG he is now a 2. What did you do?. My point is that BodyTalk tells the body exactly what to do. Its like when you are going to take a plane. The boarding pass tell you the exact destination, gate, time, and seat number. BodyTalk does exactly that. it communicates and directs the body precisely how to initiate take off for the ultimate healing.
I take my son for maintenance sessions and he says to me I need to see Janet 🙂

It’s never too late to benefit from BodyTalk
It’s never too late to benefit from BodyTalk
Get past the confusion and feelings of being orphaned and abandon AND get her body healing.

Thank you so much. I noticed almost immediate changes in her appearance, eyes more open, direct focus, speaking clearly and skin tone is more rosy. She also is more in "real time" and not all the time in a past memory or a state of confusion. She also is passing more urine. Looking forward to the next session.
I am very eager to get the next session going I know Mom's body will tell Janet when she is ready. I get the feeling she is very ready to get past the confusion and feelings of being orphaned and abandon AND get her body healing.

Immediate Physical Results
Immediate Physical Results
BodyTalk practitioner

Benefits of Group Distance Session

In reference to the last group session, here are a few benefits I've noticed so far:
1. Increased flexibility in the neck area
2. Released tension in the jaw
3. Improved flow of energy to right side of tongue
4. Gained knowledge about Window to the Sky Points

This was a very educational session and I'm sure more changes are occurring.

BodyTalk Really Works
BodyTalk Really Works
Susan Hally

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