Distance Healing

One of the quantum behaviors known to modern physicists is the concept of non-locality. Non-locality describes how two particles separated in space even by millions of years can act together as if each one knows what the other is doing. For example, when identical twins are studied, there seems to be some kind of inexplicable connection between them and the bond goes beyond having similar thoughts to situations in which one twin might know at the very instance that the other has had a serious accident or died. Enter the concept of non-locality the mysterious bond between separated particles.

No-one has ever discovered a signal uniting a healer and the person being healed. Because of this, the theories about distance healing have often been called pseudoscientific. However, some research findings have documented distant mental influence on biological systems. It seems that under certain conditions, it is possible for one person to effectively influence bodily activities and even the mental activities of another person.

These techniques are known by a lot of names including intercessory prayer, energy healing, shamanic healing, nonlocal healing, and Reiki. Because this healing is considered nonlocal it actually defies classical physics. Einstein defined this as spooky action at a distance and it does seem that there is a lot of evidence for quantum non-locality.

Rather than pretending that we have all of the answers, the bottom-line is that we don’t know exactly how this stuff works. This has been true for many branches of medicine including drugs such as aspirin. We knew that they worked before we figured out how. We still don’t know how a lot of drugs and medicines work, including general anesthetic, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t work.

Many people believe in the power of prayer. So many people consider that praying for the benefit or the improvement in someone’s body to be a very basic form of distance healing. People have been using prayer for thousands of years in order to help the body to balance. The theory here is that we are beings comprised of energy and somehow using prayer helps to boost this energy system.

Another way to think about distant healing is as a form of wireless technology similar to a cellphone that is then transmitting healing through a frequency of intention or awareness. Everything is connected. Everything is part of a continuous whole and as such distance is not a factor, as different forms of energy are all that there is.

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