“The chakras are not only vortexes of energy, they are also centers of psychic reception.”
-Catherine Carrigan

It is said that every person is somewhat psychic; they just don’t associate with it. We all have a particular approach to realizing the truth of things and seeing as we are all dissimilar, we all have a peculiar way of making sense of the world around us. Our approaches to awareness and perception are mainly supported by intuitive judgments. Psychic intuition is a perception hinged gift. To reinforce one’s psychic potential, one must master how to repose on their inherent strengths.

Being a doctor of Oriental Medicine, and a practitioner of Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Counseling and a broad range of other holistic therapies for over two decades, I have taken note of the fact that among the most reliable methods to build upon our intuitive strengths is working with our chakras. The chakras are energy centers located all through your body. These centers are channels for universal energy. This universal energy nurtures the bond between your awareness and that of the higher mind. Psychic perception is a fruit of balanced energy centers and connectedness. Many people subscribe to the spell of some greater power that paves the way for them in their psychic awareness. Time and again, their bodies and minds become bearers of spiritual knowledge. Even supposing they may not be aware of it; their chakras are most likely assisting the progress of their knowledge.

So, what exactly does Chakra mean?
Chakra literally means “the wheel” in Sanskrit. They are circular, funnel-shaped energy centers that are thought to be positioned in the etheric energy body also called the subtle body. Since we are talking about the body, let us add detail to the concept.

In a general sense, the body has a framework of energy centers which can be referred to as chakras in that they bear a resemblance to spinning wheels. These chakras are at the helm for energy flow as they can flow from one area to another. Chakras are linked to the lucidity of existence as the sound, the color, and light all bond perfectly with these energy centers. In the course of healing, the aim is to balance chakras by lining them up appropriately with a primary role of understanding nature as it is in relation to the universe and the purpose of the humans in nature. They also transmit out into the energy field around us the reverberation of our thoughts, emotions, and physical health. If you can see energy psychically, analyzing a person’s chakras and aura can give you a glimpse of what they might be experiencing or how well their instincts and physical body are serving them.

There are seven major chakras located throughout the body. Each chakra is aligned with a location close up to the spinal column. It is most crucial to note that each chakra has an identical endocrine system. Your body takes on a pivotal role in psychic widening. It is important that your energy centers and endocrine glands work in balance. Balancing your body through the opening of your chakras can facilitate the flux of psychic knowledge in the form of a universal energy.

Research, experimentation and positive results from energy healing have been recorded for thousands of years through the whole of history. The super subtle, imperceptible energy which runs with inner chakras is generally referred to by many spiritual names such as Prana (Hindu), Chi (Chinese) or Ruach (Hebrew), just to name a few. For simplicity sake, I will refer to this life force as Prana and Chi kind of interchangeably throughout the rest of this article.

When I speak of using Prana for Energy Healing or as a substance, I am not referring to it as energy or substance likened to mechanical, electrical or gravitationaly produced. For lack of better words, I am simply resorting to the words energy or substance to conjure up a natural force and non-material stuff. Despite the fact that worthy attempts have been made by forward-thinking researchers, not a soul has yet to develop instruments or mechanism that can precisely measure or hold this invisible, universal energy. We cannot perceive it, yet we can observe its products through healing and by witnessing the vital force in all beings. Likewise, we cannot see electricity, but we can perceive its results by the production of heat and light.

To begin to cultivate your potentials, it is of the essence to call to mind which chakras provide you with verified energies throughout your body. So in this article, we are going to focus on the dynamic concept of the chakras. And even though there are 114 different chakra systems, but for our purposes, we are considering the system of the seven main chakras, which run posterior and anterior, beginning at the base of the spine and running all the way up to the crown of the head.

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